Your eyes shift lazily in and out of focus as you gaze at, and now through, your computer screen. The bulk of the 50 storey tower sharpens and blurs but remains resolutely itself. You let out a small deflated sigh...

Published by Architect Victoria Summer 2016 issue

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The MALL was constructed in 2025 as the exclamation mark to the sentence that was the ROWVILLE train line. The centre fills immediately, stores clamoring to be part of the worlds largest ever expression of uninhibited consumptive desire. Department stores, electronics retailers and perfumed soap sellers all want part of the action. Train operator Metro were stunned first doubling, tripling and finally quadrupling services to facilitate easy public access to this capitalist mecca. The mall, a flattened, beige rendered KABA in the middle of the suburban desert...

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Wirraway began with an accident. That accident's name was Darren Bowman. Unlike most accidents Darren's entrance into the world was not met with elation nor was it met with a growing dread that someone's life was coming to an end. No, Darren started as he meant to continue, with a boat load of apathy. Never has a parent been so disinterested in a child and never has a child been so deserving of disinterest.

In fact Darren's life continued to inspire pretty much nothing at all until 2014 when something amazing happened...

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